[Gmsh] Application crashes on Windows 7

rakesh patil prakeshofficial at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 17:21:20 CET 2014


I have compiled GMSH as .lib library on windows 2008 server and am trying
to invoke it from my application. On windows XP and windows 2008 server, I
get the expected behavior. But the same thing fails on windows 7.

Basically what I am doing is, initializing the GModel with new, and read a
sample .geo file. Then pass on some mesh options and then generate mesh. It
works fine on windows xp and 2008 server. The same commands do not work on
Windows 7 and the application crashes at the point of read .geo file. I
tried compiling latest build from the SVN. still same behavior.

One thing is that I have used Intel fortran's mkl libraries for LAPACK and
BLASS. What might have gone wrong?


Rakesh Patil
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