[Gmsh] Important question for my Thesis: Import geometry

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it depends on the format of your bathymetry geometry. If you have it in a CAD program, then you can export it as STEP which can be read by gmsh. If you have just a matrix of coordinates, you might consider defining surfaces between the points by hand or a suitable algorithm and writing a .geo file which is the native geometry format of gmsh. If your matrix is already dense enough for your needs, you might consider to use only the points of your matrix for the mesh (without additional points), and do a Delaunay triangulation directly. I am sure this can be done with gmsh, but I don't know how exactly (I think there is a plugin which does that).
Have a look into the gmsh manual for more info.



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Betreff: [Gmsh] Important question for my Thesis: Import geometry

Dear gmsh-creators,

For my MSc. Thesis I am simulating a tsunami for a unstructured grid.
I would like to create my grid by using gmsh.

I am at this moment very inexperienced with gsmsh and I wasn't able to import geometry of the bathymetry in to gmsh.
The bathymetry is a matrix containing the topography and bathymetry for the region of interest.
I already looked on the discussion area but unfortunately I couldn't find a similar question.

I would be very happy to receive help or hint from you.
Many thanks in advance!

With kind regards,

Rachid Abraimi

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