[Gmsh] RE Merging with same indicator - Merging the nodes

jean pierre aubry jeanpierre at lamachine.fr
Thu Apr 17 15:42:54 CEST 2014


did you try Coherence after the merging

when i use Merge 
i set the first file with entity numer from 1 to say 1000 in the first
and from 10000 to 11000 in the second then i do Coherence

this insures nodes with same coordinates are merged
elements with the same geometrical position swould be merged anyway,
though i never tried it

however i am unable to run your files
for examples in DOMAINE_PIEZO
for me this sequence is not a valid Gmsh set of commands
For i In {0:5:1}						//25
points créés Point(sum)={List[i],List[i],0,lc};

jean pierre aubry
33 688 670 795