[Gmsh] Adapting bathymetry to the domain

Mathieu Rodriguez mathieu.rodriguez at openocean.fr
Tue Jun 10 11:08:43 CEST 2014

Dear GMSH users,

I work with a research team in the modeling of ocean in order to choose 
the best adapted zones for marine renewable energies. We were able to 
mesh several parts of the world. However we do not manage to join into 
our domain the bathymetry datas.

To adapt the meshing, we tried to use a 'Structured' field inside GMSH. 
It is possible to use a *.dat file and how to reveal at the same time 
the meshing and the bathymetry on the zone ? If it possible, what is the 
architecture of the *.dat file ?


Mathieu Rodriguez
Open Ocean SAS
cel : +33 6 66 24 99 18