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I don’t think this is possible.
You should postprocess the image in an Image Manipulation Program (e.g. `gimp`). However, you can automatize the procedure if you install the `Imagemagick` toolset. It comes with the `convert` utility.

On the command line, simply run

convert -transparent white in.png out.png

Otherwise, you can try to use the `pgf` output<http://geuz.org/pipermail/gmsh/2014/008927.html>, which does this internally (but only if `convert` is found).

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I'd like to know if there is a way to have a transparent background when I save a .msh under a .png file. I went through the options, but even when I don't use General.Color.Background, my png has a white background.
Have you any idea?
Thanks a lot and best regards,


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