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Trevor Irons trevorirons at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 17:34:36 CEST 2014

Thank you. That worked perfectly for a 2D 'plane surface'! Thanks for the

I had one follow up question though, Instead of just a 2D surface I would
like to do this with a 3D surface, i.e. internal 3D object. But once I
extrude it, it becomes a volume and I cannot call Surface In Volume

Line Loop(6) = {4,5};
Plane Surface(7) = {6};                           // Define a plane surface
Surface{7} In Volume{1};                       // This works for the
unextruded surface
Extrude {0, 0, D1-D0} { Surface{7};  }  // I want to include the surface of
this extrusion in the mesh

Surface(8) = CastToSurface{Volume{2}}; // Made up desired functionality
Surface{8} In Volume{1};                          // I want to call
something like this

Is there a way to cast an extrusion back into just a surface, but now just
the outer 3D surface?


-- Trevor

On 5 August 2014 05:01, jean pierre aubry <jeanpierre at lamachine.fr> wrote:

> hello
> >Is there a way to scrub the internal `surface' but retain the mesh
> >structure?
> what about putting the surfaces you want to export into Physical
> and to NOT put into Physical the ones you do not want
> i do not know about VTK
> but by proceeding this way only the defined Physical are exported
> in .msh or .med mesh
> --
> jean pierre aubry
> 33 688 670 795
> jeanpierre [at] lamachine.fr
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