[Gmsh] 3D Meshing

Bernal Castro, Carlos Andres bernalcc at lsbu.ac.uk
Wed Aug 20 14:46:06 CEST 2014

To whom it may concern,

Hello... my name is Andres Bernal and I am a London South Bank University student carrying out a thesis about the influence of the buildings shape onto the atmospheric pollutants concentration due to the innovative forms of them nowadays. I am working on a building known as "The Walkie-Talkie Building" and the first stage of the project was to create a geometric form of the building and the surrounding area using the Gmsh grid generator. In order to move along with the project we need to mesh the whole area which is enclosed into a whole domain (a bigger cube). When I mesh the geometry in 1D and 2D, It runs perfectly, but when I try with 3D it shows me a lot of errors and I do not know why. I would like you to help me in this issue as I have been trying to figure out the problem but I have not been able to and I got stuck for this matter. I would be really grateful, thanks.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Andres Bernal

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