[Gmsh] Possible improvements

Pierre Jolivet jolivet at ann.jussieu.fr
Fri Oct 10 14:48:49 CEST 2014

I have two questions that are pretty trivial to fix/answer, but would make the user-experience better IMO.
1) In Mesh/meshPartition.cpp, could it be possible to have lines 981–983 print elsewhere than on the standard output ? It messes up the console or the calling program output.
   printf("*** Created partitionFace %d (", ppe->tag());
   for (unsigned int i = 0; i < v2.size(); ++i) printf("%d ", v2[i]);
2) On Mac OS, would it be possible to not copy the following files in $CMAKE_INSTALL_DIR/../MacOS (this path is unconventional and messes up the folders of the user): gmsh, libGmsh.dylib, onelab.py
Also, cmake is trying to install files in $CMAKE_INSTALL_DIR/../../../tutorial/, why ? This is once again a highly unconventional folder name. In my case, I’m not using sudo for compiling and installing Gmsh as I want to keep the installation local, and it makes cmake ends with an error since I don’t have write permission in the target folder.

Thank you for your help,