[Gmsh] Producing valid curved elements with latest gmsh version

Jonathan Viquerat jonathan.viquerat at inria.fr
Tue Oct 21 14:29:31 CEST 2014

Dear Gmsh developers, 

I just wanted to point out something that seems to be problematic with the high-order optimization tool and/or the curved 2nd order elements in the latest version of gmsh. 
A very simple geometry (a sphere in a box) cannot be meshed with valid curved elements with the latter : the optimization pass fails every time, no matter what the parameters are. Additionaly, the phases saying "Computing connectivity and bad elements for entity..." seem considerably longer than before. 
For the exact same file, switching to an older version (could not say exactly which, but most probably the version that was considered stable in Nov. 2013) gives correct meshes. 

Additional question : I could not find a documentation detailing what each of the tunable parameters of the high order tools exactly is. Does that exist ? 

Thanks for that great tool, 

J. Viquerat 
PhD INRIA Nachos 
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