[Gmsh] Setting random seed in geo file

Serban Georgescu Serban.Georgescu at uk.fujitsu.com
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Actually I had the same problem and in the last few days I put some time into finding the reason why this happens.
The random seeds are actually hard-coded, the reason for the lack of reproducibility comes from a few STL containers that store pointers and were left with the default ordering - which means that the order will be dependent on the pointer addresses - hence the lack of reproducibility.

Here are the modifications that you need to make in order to have full reproducibility:
Note that these are made with respect to the source code of Gmsh 2.8.5.

Mesh/meshGFace.cpp --> added ordering to the set

<   std::set<MVertex*, MVertexLessThanLexicographic> all_vertices, boundary;
>   std::set<MVertex*> all_vertices, boundary;

<     for(std::set<MVertex*, MVertexLessThanLexicographic>::iterator it = all_vertices.begin();
>     for(std::set<MVertex*>::iterator it = all_vertices.begin();

<   for(std::set<MVertex*, MVertexLessThanLexicographic>::iterator it = all_vertices.begin();
>   for(std::set<MVertex*>::iterator it = all_vertices.begin();

Mesh/meshGFaceBDS.cpp --> defined what happens when we have two identical values in the sort

< bool edges_sort (std::pair<double, BDS_Edge*> a , std::pair<double, BDS_Edge*> b)
< {
<             if (a.first == b.first)
<                             return ((*a.second) < (*b.second));
<             else
<                             return (a.first < b.first);
< }
<   std::sort(edges.begin(), edges.end(), edges_sort);
>   std::sort(edges.begin(), edges.end());
<   std::sort(edges.begin(), edges.end(), edges_sort);
>   std::sort(edges.begin(), edges.end());

Mesh/meshGRegion.cpp --> added ordering to the set
< static void getAllBoundingVertices(GRegion *gr, std::set<MVertex*, MVertexLessThanLexicographic> &allBoundingVertices)
> static void getAllBoundingVertices(GRegion *gr, std::set<MVertex*> &allBoundingVertices)
<   std::set<MVertex*, MVertexLessThanLexicographic> allBoundingVertices;
>   std::set<MVertex*> allBoundingVertices;
<   std::set<MVertex*, MVertexLessThanLexicographic>::iterator itv = allBoundingVertices.begin();
>   std::set<MVertex*>::iterator itv = allBoundingVertices.begin();
< struct GFaceOrderedByTag
< {
<             bool operator() (const GFace* first, const GFace* second) const
<             {
<                             return (first->tag() < second->tag());
<             }
< };
<     std::set<GFace*, GFaceOrderedByTag> mySet;
>     std::set<GFace*> mySet;


That's about it.
It would be nice if these modifications could be added to the SVN version.


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Sorry, I missed this post back in May.  What is the geo file command to set the global random number seed?



This issue has been fixed in the last versions. What is the version you are using ?


Le 22 mai 2014 à 23:29, David Bernstein <david at terafrac.org<http://www.geuz.org/mailman/listinfo/gmsh>> a écrit :

> Hi Everyone, I'm using Gmsh as a backend mesh generator in a project and it's been working very well so far.  One issue that we've encountered is reproducing a problem from a given set of simulation input parameters because Gmsh produces a different mesh every time it's run with the same input.


> I've looked through the documentation and have not been able to find a way to set a random number seed so that the same mesh is produced every time for a given input .geo file.  If anyone knows a way to do this please let me know.


> Thanks,

> Dave

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