[Gmsh] more tets than hexes in hex-dom mesh of cube

Paul Garlick it at tourbillion-technology.com
Thu Dec 18 20:50:16 CET 2014

'Tis fixed already.  I downloaded and compiled the development sources 
(svn version 20179P) and the results for the cube case are greatly 

A uniform size field produces a structured-type mesh with hexes 
throughout.  Non-uniform size fields produce hex-dominant meshes, the 
percentage of hexes dropping as the non-uniformity increases.  

I attach an example, hexDomCube_3.png, which has been generated using a 
diagonal size field.  The characteristic length is smallest at the 
origin and largest in the opposite corner.  The image shows the hex 
cells only; the voids show the locations of the small number of tets, 
prisms and pyramids.

Great work.  The Hex-dom method will be popular for CFD analyses with 
large gradients and complex domains.


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