[Gmsh] Command-Line Multi-Physics package?

Todd Pierce toddcpierce at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 18:12:20 CET 2017


I know this is a bit ambitious, but I'm looking for a multi-physics package
that can be almost entirely operated from the command line.  I am
developing a natural language processor (SBCL Lisp on Linux) and one of the
output options is planned to be to be some kind of multi-physics program,
with a CAD interface, FEM (presumably entails meshing) and CFD
capabilities, perhaps others, if you have any ideas.

In a perfect world, my program could output directly to the CAD module in
real time, maybe send solving commands in real time too.  That is a bit
lofty, but I'm looking for ideas here.  The OneLab server might do it, but
I've been advised against by this mailing list before as being too involved.

Since STEP format seems to be more standard that Gmsh, perhaps software
that reads STEP might be appropriate anyway.  This still leaves the
question open if something can accept those commands in real time, not to
mention sending commands to a solver in real time.

I am early in the development of this project, which by the way, is a
hobby, not a professional obligation I have.  I am open to any other
interesting possibilities for a natural language processor to be involved
with multi-physics (molecular dynamics?  Electronic circuit simulations?)

Let's have fun here; the lives of airline passengers do not depend on this.

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