[Gmsh] Coordinate format

Jeremy Theler jeremy at seamplex.com
Mon Jan 23 09:39:38 CET 2017

Not that I am aware of. You might:

a. edit the Gmsh source code, particularly line 74 of Geo/MVertex.cpp
that reads

fprintf(fp, "%d %.16g %.16g %.16g ", _index, x() * scalingFactor,

b. edit the Calculix source code (good luck, it is Fortran!)

c. use another more modern option, say www.seamplex.com/fino

BTW, for the original developers, it would be nice to somehow being able
to change the hardcoded %.16g in runtime, for example to reduce the size
of the resulting ASCII mesh files.


Jeremy Theler

On Sat, 2017-01-21 at 22:53 +0000, Fabrice Pepin wrote:
> Hello,
> The length of node coordinates can be too long for Calculix. I work
> around by deleting one digit on some nodes. Is it possible to add an
> option defining the number of digits for nodal coordinates ?
> Thank you.
> Fabrice.
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