[Gmsh] Create mesh using command line

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meshing and exporting the mesh can also be requested in the geo file.Look at meshing command and meshing options. I use some the command below :Mesh.ElementOrder = 2;
Mesh.SecondOrderIncomplete = 1;
Mesh.Format = 39;         // Abaqus formatMesh 2; // for 2DSave "file_name.inp"; // export in the same directory as geo file

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Objet : [Gmsh] Create mesh using command line    I have a .geo file which I'd like to create a .msh file from. My current procedure is      - open the .geo file using the termianl  - Select 2D mesh in the GUI  - save the .msh file.    Is there a way to do this (tedious) process via the command line? I'm using a Macbook Pro if that's relevant.     Thanks 
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