[Gmsh] interactive.cpp

Todd Pierce toddcpierce at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 00:26:55 CET 2017

Hi All,

I have decided to take a stab at creating an off-board command line
interface for gmsh.  Twice I have been told that using the interactive.cpp
program as a template would be a good place to start.

So, to start with, I thought I would at least compile and get the
interactive.cpp program to work.  Compiling went fine but getting the
program to connect to gmsh is still a mystery.

I start gmsh with the -listen argument, but what socket does the
interactive program take as an argument?  Is that in gmsh's setup somewhere?

If I get them to talk, how do I test them?

Yes, I'm clueless, but I won't get any smarter if I don't pursue this
stuff, so help is genuinely appreciated.

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