[Gmsh] BRL-CAD for Geometry?

G. D. McBain gdmcbain at protonmail.com
Mon Feb 6 00:26:15 CET 2017

> Gorgeous Stuff Christophe,

Indeed, yes. Plus one from me too. I'll definitely be using this extended Open CASCADE facility when it's released.

> I may be a bit confused here, but it may not address the (live) command-line generation of geometry. I was looking into what McBain was doing with FreeCAD, but it looks like even what you're doing McBain, is scripting.

Sorry, yes, you're right. My interest is primarily in scripting. I do recall now that BRL-CAD's mged has a 'REPL' (Read-Eval-Print Loop, like Lisp, Bash, Python, etc.), but don't use these so much as I prefer a clean input with a permanent record. Similarly with Gnuplot, I almost always put all the commands into a file first before sending them to the program.

REPLs are useful for preliminary explorations though, so your project, Todd, is interesting.

> So, McBain, did I miss your point or can FreeCAD be truly interactive from the command line? (or in this case, its pipe)

It was me missing your point, but FreeCAD does have a Python console. It does not cover all the functionality. I think how it works is that the program is primarily written in C++ but exposes some things to Python. If the Python console is opened, most actions in the GUI are echoed as Python in the console and the same effect can be achieved by typing these Python commands in there instead.
I mostly use that to learn what the Python equivalent of an action is. Then I include that in a Python script for actual use. It does work as a REPL, but one has to issue a redraw command to get the 'P' part.
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