[Gmsh] Problem with "Periodic Surface" defined using splines.

Uģis Lācis ugis.lacis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 11:03:29 CET 2017

Dear all,

I have managed to solve my problem - I sliced up the spline defining the 
periodic planar surface in two parts and there is no problem any more. 
It seems that Periodic Surface has troubles, if it has been defined 
using two lines only.


On 21/02/17 07:46, Uģis Lācis wrote:
> Dear Gmsh developers and users,
> I have been routinely using the very nice feature of Gmsh that allows 
> to define periodic surfaces and exactly the same meshes at opposite 
> sides of the domain.
> However, trying to define the geometry with splines, I have stumbled 
> on a weird problem. The Gmsh software spits out error about not 
> finding periodic counterpart of edge, while meshing in 1D does not 
> complain about anything (see attached example.log). The corresponding 
> GEO file is also attached. I am meshing the domain using command line 
> call
> gmsh -3 example.geo
> I use version 2.16.0, I have checked that 2.12 produces the same 
> outcome. After the error message, the Gmsh crashes with segmentation 
> fault for me.
> I have tried removing the Periodic definition for the problematic 
> surface and then everything works absolutely fine.
> Do you have any suggestions or could you point me in any direction, 
> which could solve this problem?
> Best Regards,
> Ugis Lacis

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