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I'm trying to use GMSH to construct my meshes and I followed the VMTK+GMSH tutorial but a fatal error appears "Fatal   : Centerline file 'centerlines.vtk' does not exist".
Is it necessary to modify somehow the vtk file from VMTK ?

Also, the purpose that I need GMSH is to create fine meshes that I'll use it for FSI using Abaqus and STAR-CCM+. First I'd like to test the structure mesh only so I modified the script found at GMSH wiki page "Meshes for FSI blood flow and respiratory flow<https://onelab.info/trac/gmsh/wiki/FSIMesh>". I've constructed meshes and save them as .inp files but I'm facing issues in Abaqus. In more detail, I'm able to read the meshes in Abaqus but when I'm trying to do Section Assignments an error warning appears saying: "Only one type of region (cell, face, or edge) my be selected at one time."  My meshes have only two types of elements (Linear quadrilateral elements of type CPS4 and Linear hexahedrals elements of type C3D8) and I think the problems is from CPS4 type. Can you help me overcome this issue ?

Many Thanks

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