[Gmsh] Holes in mesh

Cormac Flynn Cormac.Flynn at wintec.ac.nz
Thu Mar 9 21:40:23 CET 2017

Hi  Xinyu,

The attached is a script that creates elliptical holes in a square sheet. Not sure if this something like what you are after.



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Dear Gmsh team

I'm trying to plot an area with many holes in it.

I'm aware of test example 5. But in that example the cheeseholes' area is also meshed, instead of the mesh shown in the following picture. [???? 1]

I know a simple hole as the one is the picture could be plotted by a special line loop. However, what if the there are so many holes that they have to be generated by code and therefore line numbers of the generated line loops could not be find?

Please find the attached file for the mesh I'm trying to plot. I'm trying to generate the mesh so that each hole in the Graphit physical volume looks exactly like the hole shown in the picture (no mesh in the hole.)

Thanks and wishes

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