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Andreas.Schuster at dlr.de Andreas.Schuster at dlr.de
Wed Mar 15 21:21:41 CET 2017


I've tried to build Gmsh from the source code with Cmake and the Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 to test the python wrapper functionality.
The compiling process works without problems but when generating the python wrapper code and linking, the compiler claims:
Link error 1189: library limit of 65535 objects exceeded
To solve this general error, I could only find some advisors where separate sub libraries should be created to separate the objects to be linked or manually select symbols via .def files.
Both approaches seem to be very complex for non gmsh-developers.
I also tried to disable some unused external libraries from the compiling process in Cmake to reduce the overall size of the gmsh library but this doesn't work either.
Are there any recommendations what to do in that special case to build gmsh with less compiling complexity and time?


M.Sc. Andreas Schuster

German Aerospace Center

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