[Gmsh] getdp + gmsh High order pos files

Олег Рябков oleg.ryabkov.87 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 14:27:23 CET 2017

   Dear gmsh/getdp users and developers.
Is there any way to output results of getdp calculaltions directly into
high order gmsh pos format. I mean we have operations like

Print[u, OnElementsOf Omega, File "u_Dirichlet.pos", Depth 2];

in which we can specify elements depth subdivision, which is nice, but it
would be even nicer, if one could output high order getdp solutions
directly to high order pos format.  I didn't find any clue in getdp
documentation, that's why i'm asking here.

PS here i mean 'parsed pos', but in fact, any high order gmsh (or any other
software) post processing format is great.

  Best regards, Oleg
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