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I would also be interested in that functionality. It would resolve the old “duplicated surfaces” problem that forced me (and others) to leave gmsh and do the meshing with Salomé, even though IMHO gmsh does a better job especially in 3D meshing – in Salomé, only netgen is available as 3D algorithm in the free version.
BTW there seems to be a macro permitting to use gmsh in Salomé, see this post at the Salomé forum: http://salome-platform.org/forum/forum_12/953948027#494327180
I haven’t tested it, though.
To export a geometry from Salomé to gmsh, I have sometimes had success using brep format.


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In Salome which uses the opencascade model there is a Boolean operation called partition. With this you can create a solid from two others but with a shared face. A usage of that is the creation of meshes with internal walls in it with zero thickness aka 'baffles'. Is there a procedure in gmsh that can give the same results given that it has implemented the same opencascade model? Obviously there is a way to have such results if you give the precise geometry but sometimes it is very difficult to cut geometries and it is easier if gmsh could do that.

Attached is an image of a mesh with internal baffles created with partitioning and the geometry that created it. I would prefer t if gmsh could do the meshing but I haven't found a way to load the geometry to gmsh from Salome.

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