[Gmsh] Problem with GMSH and Windows 7

CHANSARD Franck Mickael franck-mickael.chansard at tpi.setec.fr
Tue May 16 09:56:19 CEST 2017


I am from the company setec tpi. We have been using GMSH for years and we are very pleased with it. Congratulations for your developments.

However, I contact you because we have a problem. Indeed, for some months, we have computers with Windows 7 where the software seems to crash as soon as it runs. The task manager shows that the memory consumption is constant. The software never responds. We used several versions in 32 and 64 bits, without success. A new installation of Windows 7 solves the problem. However, after a few days, the problem reappears.
We are wondering if this is not a compatibility issue with a Windows update.

Did you hear about this problem?


Franck Chansard
Ingénieur calcul de structures
Tél +33 1 82 51 68 84

Immeuble Central Seine - 42/52 Quai de la Rapée - CS 71230 - 75583 PARIS Cedex 12 - FRANCE
setec tpi - www.tpi.setec.fr<http://www.tpi.setec.fr/>

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