[Gmsh] post-processing : first test

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Hi Paul,

I think everything is related to the display options associated with your post processing view. I would suggest that you go to the Tools > Options menu and in the pop-up window select “View [0]” on the left list, to the “General” tab on the top, then change a few options :

·         Interval type : set it to Filled Isovalues or Continuous map.

·         The reason why your mapping is not “regular” is because the  range of the value to display does not match to the range of the data values. Change the range option to Custom, then click on the Min and Max button directly under it.

·         If you want, increase the “interval” option to to add the interval count in the filled iso-value mode.

·         To increase the number of digit in the legend of a view, change the Format option to something like “%.6g”.

Hope this helps, let me know if you still have questions,

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Hi ,

I'm performing (first) tests in order to familiarize with gmsh post-processingformat; still trying to understand some tags, but I've been noticing visual differences in the mapping.

In the attachment I provide the file (basic 20 nodes hexaedron) and nodal values:
- using the original fomat, the mapping is not regular (and it should be)
- whereas if I export it into .pos format, and I reopen the later file, i seems consistent

I had a look in the different option, while it is new for me, nothing has been obvious for me : any suggestion ?

Nb: how can I increase the number of digits in the legend ?

Thanks for the feedbacks

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