[Gmsh] RE post-processing : second test

paul.carrico at free.fr paul.carrico at free.fr
Tue Jun 27 09:52:22 CEST 2017

Hi Jean-Pierre, 

Let me summarizing (as a reminder for me) 

 	* For a deformed mesh
 	* Tools > options > View[x] > Visibility > 'fields' scroll bar >
choose 'force vector'
 	* Tools > options > view[x] > General > 'range mode' scroll bar >
choose 'per step'
 	* Tools > options > view[x] > Aspect > 'vector display' scroll bar >
choose 'Displacement'

  And bingo 

Additional - to have elements edges Tools > options > View[x] >
Visibility > click on "Draw element outlines" 

One can compare unload/loaded meshes as well 

I've to play with, and look deeper in the doc in order to see if I can
create a script directly in the .msh file 

 	* Mode the legend on the left

Tools > options > Post-pro > unclick "Draw value scales horizontally 


 	* I'm looking for a way to dynamically plot fields with min/max value-
I mean I've different physical groups (i.e. sub-parts) and I want to
separately study the mapping/field of each one; "range mode" scroll bar
proposes 3 options that concern the whole mesh or explicit/by hand
 	* Maybe I'll need to extend my interface so that min/max is calculated
before writing the mesh file (and directly written in the .opt file)

In any way thanks for the (precious) information's 


Le 2017-06-27 07:46, jean pierre aubry a écrit : 

> hello
> deformed mesh, try this
> Tools > Options > View[x] > Visibility > Fields puul down list to Force
> Vector then
> Tools > Options > View[x] > Generals pull down List Rang Mode to Per
> Step 
> or Custom with Min Max buttons or values
> legend on the right i do not know but on the left
> Tools > Options > View[x] > Post-pro > Draw value sacles horizontaly,
> tick or untick to mave to the left or bottom
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