[Gmsh] Remesh STL surface with 2nd order curved elements

Johannes Töger johannes.toger at med.lu.se
Thu Jun 29 15:34:17 CEST 2017


I have a high-resolution STL surface (~100k triangles) and I want to create
a 3D tetrahedral mesh of the interior for CFD simulations. The first step
is to remesh the surface to a more reasonable resolution.

Now the thing is that I want to do second-order curved elements for the
boundaries for better accuracy/performance of the CFD, which is quite
expensive. Image of 2D version of what I want to do is linked here:
http://imgur.com/a/h5834. This means that the extra side-nodes should be
placed on the high-resolution geometry, not just as a linear interpolation
of the corners. NetGen does this very well, but I would like to use gmsh
instead since it doesn't crash as much. :o)

Can this be accomplished in gmsh? I have played around with the surface
remeshing features according to
https://geuz.org/trac/gmsh/wiki/STLRemeshing (user/pass:
geuz), but no luck so far. Maybe I'm missing something elementary.


Johannes Töger

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
National 7T Facility, Lund Biomedical Imaging Center
Department of Clinical Sciences Lund, Diagnostic Radiology
Lund University, Sweden
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