[Gmsh] Physical group visualization issue

paul.carrico at free.fr paul.carrico at free.fr
Thu Jul 13 15:16:03 CEST 2017

Dear All 

I've an assembly with sub-parts i.e Physical groups, and if I go to
"visualization -> List browser" : 

1) I can see the groups but if I choose one (+ apply), none of the other
groups are hidden -> am I using a wrong method ? 

2)  in some cases (specifically in a post-processing file with my own
.opt script), the previous list remains blanks while the groups exist ->
the option has not probably been trigged: what is the specific keyword?
(I'm digging into the doc playing with "physical" "group" etc. + I saved
the defaut .opt file) but I do not see anything 

Thanks in advance 

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