[Gmsh] Getting Surfaces and Volumes per coordinates after importing a step file

faber.mueller at t-online.de faber.mueller at t-online.de
Sat Jul 29 13:28:33 CEST 2017

Dear Professor Geuzaine,
I want to show my group at my working place, that the combination of gmsh 
and getdp is at least as powerful as an commercial FEA Software or even 
more powerful. For that purpose I have imported a model of an Claw Pole 
Alternator as a step file into gmsh. That worked very well and it is no 
problem to pick the faces and volumes with the gui. But because of the fact 
that I have imported the geometry I have no information about the 
elementary entities in the geo file. So I can't change the characteristic 
lengths individually for the interesting lines/points. 
Is it possible to get for example the volume or a surface with a command 
like 'get volume at point (x,y,z)' ? That would be awesome to automate the 
picking of the areas and volumes for defining the physical entities.
Is there a function / command to get the surfaces that define a volume  or 
the lines that define an area? The problem is that the geometry is very 
complicated and I need to define the elements for every volume or area 
seperately to get a fine mesh in the airgap and a coarse mesh in the outer 
air and so on.
Is there a way to combine several fields for every volume to one field and 
set it as the background field?
Sorry for so many questions and thanks for your time reading this.
Best regards
Fabian Müller

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