[Gmsh] Air volume arround a 3D model.

Javier Sánchez Buezas javier.sanchez at sidisel.com
Mon Jul 31 09:29:51 CEST 2017

El 2017-07-28 16:33, Christophe Geuzaine escribió:

>> On 24 Jul 2017, at 13:59, Javier Sánchez Buezas <javier.sanchez at sidisel.com> wrote:
>> Hello all.
>> I'm trying to simulate the ElectroMagnetic behaviour of a Microstrip antenna on a PCB board. In order to make a simple start I tried to simulate a simple strip of cooper, and placing it inside an spherical box of air.
>> The problem is that the mesh doesn't generates correctlly. If I try with the Delauny algorithm I get the "Self intersecting surface mesh" error. If I use the Frontal algorithm no 3d mesh is generated for the air.
>> I created the model by defining the outter surface and a surface loop of all the outter surfaces of the board and then making a volume with thos 2 arguments ( Volume(n) = {Spherical surface, surface loop};)
>> Attached is the .geo file.
>> Any idea of how can I make this right?
> Your surface mesh is not conformal; there is a zero volume area between the top green and orange volumes. 
>> Greetings.
>> Javier.
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I solved it. 

I defined each layer with its surfaces and then defined a new surface
for the external frontier of the board, for what I had to define again
some parts of the upper surface of the middle layer. This causes the

The correct way of doing it is defining the upper surface of the middle
layer as 3 surfaces (boths sides and the shared surface with the upper
volume) and then use those surfaces to define the volumes. 

Thanks for your help.
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