[Gmsh] Problem with bdf export

adrien gros adriengros at hotmail.fr
Fri Sep 22 18:19:56 CEST 2017

Good morning,

I used GMSH to make geometry and next to export it in Ansys CFX with a bdf format ( the only one that work, that last time i tried)

I use the plugin crack to define two different boundary condition for each side of the same surface.

Until now, this methode work very well. But lastly i built a more complexe geometry, and the exportation in bdf format give surface divided in two pieces.

I don't understand why it doesn't work for this geometry.

Do i use a crack plugin badly?

Can you say to me what i did wrong?

You can find in this link the geometry in geo, msh and bdf format and the script for the crack plugin:



Shared with Dropbox

The surface that are divided in two, are the surface with groupphysique number : 4,7,37 and 5.

And i don't understand why only these four surface are wrong, while the other are right in Ansys CFX

thank you

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