[Gmsh] R: problems (with opencascade?)

Benedikt Oswald benedikt.oswald at lspr.swiss
Wed Sep 27 11:24:04 CEST 2017

Hello Alessandro, why dont' you use FreeCAD to design you geometry,
export it as a STEP File and then import & mesh it in Gmsh ?

that works quite well, I must say.

Greetings, Benedikt

Am 27.09.17 um 09:19 schrieb Alessandro Vicini:
> Hello, I still have some issues when using OpenCascade and Boolean operations.
> For the attached geo file, when I generate the 2D mesh it can be seen from the attached picture that the vertical edge in the front is duplicated (mesh is different on the two sides). To work this out I have to delete one of the lateral surfaces of the box and to reconstruct it.
> Is this an expected behavior, or is it possible to avoid it? Thank you.
> A.
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