[Gmsh] How to mesh only the volume(s) and not the lines, surfaces etc?

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> On 11 Oct 2017, at 15:54, Shamsul Arefin <mail.shanto at gmail.com> wrote:
> How to mesh only the volume(s) and not the lines, surfaces etc?
> In my project I have imported a step-file of a bearing race (imagine a hollow cylinder). I want meshes on the volume only. The other geometric entities should be ignored. How do I make that happen?
> Normally if I use the '3D' mesh from the command tree, i find elements on the line, surface and volumes. Whereas, I don't want any 2D elements rather only 3D tetrahedron was expected. 
> 1# I have tried to delete the geometry items, the edges, and failed. >>> idea was to keep only the volume entity in the CAD and mesh only the volume.
> 2# i tried to define physical entities of the volumes, to mesh only that physical entity, and failed. 
>  a. I could not perform a selection (in coding) only for the volume elements. 
>  b. even if I could succeed to select the volumes, I don't find a Meshing command to mesh only a particular physical entity. 

When you create physical entities, only those entities that belong to a physical entity will be saved. So in your case, just define (for example) a single physical volume that contains all the volumes in the model. Then Gmsh will only save 3D elements.

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