[Gmsh] Problems when saving mesh with nonconnected components

Laura Scarabosio scarabos at ma.tum.de
Sun Oct 29 18:26:47 CET 2017

Hi All,

I have a mesh composed of a plate ([the square 0,1]x[0,1]) containing 
many inclusions, which can touch the boundary of the plate.
To define the plate, I define the square [0,1]x[0,1] as a plane surface, 
and then use the operation BooleanDifference() to subtract the 
inclusions. The result of the boolean difference is then my physical 
surface for the plate. Each inclusion is a physical surface, too.

The meshing by Gmsh works, but I have problems when I save the mesh. It 
can happen that, because of inclusions touching the boundary, some parts 
of the plate are disconnected from the rest of the plane. These parts 
are meshed, but, when I want to save the mesh, the triangles in that 
area are not saved. For clarification, I have attached a picture with 
mesh before saving and saved mesh. I am using Gmsh 3.0.5 for Linux.

I do not know whether I am doing something wrong when defining the 
entities, but Gmsh does not give me any error when opening the .geo 
file. If someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Laura Scarabosio.
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