[Gmsh] Increasing the mesh resolution in code API

phillip mobley phillipmobley2 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 03:01:00 CET 2017

Hello all,

to give you all a little update, I was able to extract out all of the code
that I needed for 2D meshing. I commented out large parts of code that was
related to 3D meshing, post processor, and the graphics. The code that I
have currently builds.

I confirmed that I am able to generate 2D meshes. I confirmed this by
having the program create a vtk file and viewing in visit. I am also able
to create a mesh composed of quadrilaterals.

However, I seem to be having some difficulty of increasing the mesh size in
code. I thought that the meshSize variable in the meshAttributes was all
that was needed. I have been increasing and decreasing this number in my
face and for the edges and nothing seems to be effecting the mesh
resolution. Please note, when I refer to increasing the mesh resolution, I
am referring to increasing the number of mesh elements. So, if I change the
mesh size variable, I should be able to increase/decrease the number of
mesh elements.

So, i was wondering if there is another property that I need to set to
change the mesh size/resolution? I did see that the mesh size is used in
the function BGM_MeshSize which is used in the integration functions. But,
I am surprised that changing the mesh size does not increase or decrease
the number of mesh elements.

Maybe I am not changing the variable enough to see any changes in the mesh
resolution? I tried with meshSize = 0.000001 and meshSize = 1e22 (which is
MAX_LC if I remember correctly) and I see no change.

Am I forgetting to set another property or could there have been code that
is not being executed or am I just not setting up the data structure
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