[Gmsh] Avoid Mesh refinement at coast

Ivano Barletta ivano.barletta at cmcc.it
Fri Nov 10 13:35:49 CET 2017

Dear all

I'm trying to mesh a basin for my Finite Element ocean model.

I'm forcing the mesh by means of a postview file, that has

almost all constant values apart from some areas where I need

refinement because of bathymetry.

I've seen that, even where the postview is constant, the 2D

mesh that I get is refined in correspondence of coast boundaries,

and this is what I do NOT want. It is like postview is ignored at coast.

I've seen that the behaviour is different between physical lines and

normal lines. At physical boundaries the grid that I get is evenly spaced,

like I expect.

Is there a way to make gmsh treat all boundaries like physical?

I've tried several options for the element size but in vain, I alway get

a refinement at coastlines even though the postview is constant.



P.S. I'm using 2.13.2 version

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