[Gmsh] Animate only interactively chosen modes

Karin&NiKo niko.karin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 17:42:01 CET 2017

Dear Gmsh Gurus,

I have a big MED file containing lots of displacement fields representing
the vibration modes of a structure. If I ask Gmsh to animate all the modes
(even if I set their Visibility to 0), my computer dies....

So I would like to choose a given mode by its number and produce a new
post-processing view. Then I would like to choose another one and so on. In
one word : animate the modes one by one.

Here is the script I did using the Onelab framework but I does work as I
want since it reloads the initial view each time I choose a new mode number.

Could you give me some piece of advice?

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