[Gmsh] Harmonic To Time error

Paul Zander paulz at ieee.org
Thu Nov 30 04:54:09 CET 2017

Upon further investigation, I am satisfied that HarmonicToTime is functioning properly.  

The real problem is the data calculated before the plugin.  The real and imaginary parts of the field should be identical in magnitude and offset by 1/4 of a wavelength (wavelength in the waveguide not free space.)  However that is not the case.  
Follow the original example models/waveguides/main.pro Problem: Rectangular Waveguide[3D] Change the frequency to 8e+09.
Alternating the display between real-part and imaginary-part.  If displaying "e", the color of the peaks alternates between red and yellow.  The difference is even more striking displaying eNorm.  The real-part of eNorm has brightly colored peaks.  The imaginary-part is solid blue.

     > I have what thatappears to be computational error in the HarmonicToTime plug-in. This happened while using onelab to> demonstrate EM fields inwaveguides.

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