[Gmsh] Gmsh Viewer in a Qt software

Damien David damien.david at insa-lyon.fr
Wed Dec 6 11:27:52 CET 2017

Dear Sir,

I am building a little software with an GUI on Qt. 
This software integrates some gmsh code to
-read ".geo" files
-do surface meshing
-use to the mesh coordinates to compute radiation heat exchange.

I would like to integrate in my GUI a little window which shows the geometry in 3D.
What kind of library would you advise me to use for this 3D window?
Do you think it is possible to reuse the fltk functions?

Thank you

Damien DAVID
Maître de Conférence
9 rue de la physique 69621 Villeurbanne
mail: damien.david at insa-lyon.fr
Université Lyon 1
INSA de Lyon

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