[Gmsh] Feedback on new Gmsh API

Marek Wojciechowski mwojc at p.lodz.pl
Wed Dec 6 22:45:25 CET 2017

Dnia poniedziałek, 4 grudnia 2017 12:53:06 CET Christophe Geuzaine pisze:
> See demos/api/README.txt : basically, you need to either explicitly build
> the shared Gmsh libraries (cmake -DENABLE_BUILD_SHARED=1 ..; make), or the
> dynamic Gmsh app, which will build the shared libraries (cmake
> -DENABLE_BUILD_DYNAMIC=1 ..; make). Building the dynamic app is probably
> the most convenient, as you will get both the app and the libs. Note that
> both the main libgmsh and the small C wrapper libgmshc will be built
> automatically.
> Then you need to install the libraries with "make install". Currently this
> will also install a copy of libgmshc in the gmsh/api directory, so that you
> can use it directly with the Python module. We will definitely improve the
> installation process later.

I installed dynamic libraries, but it seems there's a problem when Gmsh is 
compiled with MPI. Running any example gives me an MPI error:

*** An error occurred in MPI_Init_thread
*** on a NULL communicator
*** MPI_ERRORS_ARE_FATAL (processes in this communicator will now abort,
***    and potentially your MPI job)
[think:21768] Local abort before MPI_INIT completed completed successfully, 
but am not able to aggregate error messages, and not able to guarantee that 
all other processes were killed!

However when i add before gmsh.initialize() these two lines:

import ctypes
ctypes.CDLL("libmpi.so", mode=ctypes.RTLD_GLOBAL)

then examples run without problems.

Marek Wojciechowski 


Politechnika Łódzka 
Lodz University of Technology 

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