[Gmsh] top surface of region 1 has non toroidal quadto tri extrusion

Mst Sunzida Ferdoues mferdoue at sfu.ca
Tue Jan 9 21:10:05 CET 2018

Hi Trevor,

Hope you are ding great. I am trying past few weeks to solve the problem in gmsh. Then I came to some of your answers. I am using gmsh 3.0.6. I am trying to make three boxes and to use QuadTriNoNewVerts as per your suggestion. Previously I was getting that "can not build non manifold faces in gmsh". But now I am getting "top surface of region 1 has non toroidal quadtotri extrusion" with so many errors. I am not sure what the wrong is actually. This error is for three volumes. Again, I wanted to make these three volumes into a single volume. That time I can see that some of the vertices can not be found. Could you please help me to fix this out? Actually, I have no clue to solve this now.If you want then I can send you my .geo file. Waiting for your reply.

Sunzida Ferdoues
MASc Candidate
Mechatronic Systems Engineering
Simon Fraser University

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