[Gmsh] Curve polygonization messes up the application of a box size field

Konstantinos Poulios logari81 at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 21 09:22:17 CET 2018


In GMSH 3.0.6 I am trying to apply a box size field which intersects with
the bottom of a curve and the top of another curve. As you can see in the
screenshot the generated fine mesh on the two curves follows the smooth CAD
geometry. However the extent of the refined regions is not symmetric
indicating that GMSH calculates the intersection of the Box with the
already coarsely tessellated curves and not the real smooth CAD curves.
This is in my opinion a bug by itself but nevertheless I would be happy if
there is a parameter to define the tessellation fineness, like e.g. an
option for deviation from curve/surface as there is in all CAD programs or
a maximum angle jump option. This would be a sufficient workaround. However
I could not find such a parameter in the documentation. Is there one?

Best regards

[image: Inline image 1]
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