[Gmsh] gmsh ASCII file version for EDF Syrthes 4.3

Alessio Nava alessionava.nava17 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 18:45:15 CET 2018

Dear all,

I would like to use gmsh meshes in Syrthes, which is a thermal solver
written by EDF. They have a tool called convert2syrthes4 which converts the
gmsh file to their own mesh file .syr.

Inspecting the .syr file, I see that the elem references are shifted. I
have tracked down the problem to this line in lecture_msh.c for a 4 node
tetrahedron for example :

sscanf(chaine, "%i %i %i %i %i %i %i %i %i %i", &entier1, &entier2,
&entier3, &couleur, &entier5, &entier6,

Question: which is the gmsh file version which works with this sscanf? They
are execting 10 params, but I only have 9 in gmsh 3.0.6.

I was thinking about setting the right: Mesh.MshFileVersion = X.Y;

Can anyone please help me?
Distinti Saluti.

*Alessio Nava*
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