[Gmsh] Two post-processing views: one as displacement one as vector field

Tomasz Koziara t.koziara at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 12:55:51 CEST 2018


I am implementing MED export from a code that simulates motion of multiple
rigid bodies. I am testing it with Gmsh.

While I noticed that multi-step (MED) meshes are not supported at the
moment, I would still like to try to animate the results.

So I am using multi-step field export, which seems to work:) And here is my

I can see that I can use Displacement mode of viewing vector fields to
animate the actual displacements.

If for example, on top of that, I would like to animate linear velocities,
then unfortunately the Displacement mode is kept for both fields and
superimposed as two independent mesh volumes.

I would like to animate the actual displacement in greyscale (without the
colour map) and along with it, on the displaced (in this way) mesh, add
other views: e.g. vector field of velocities, or other scalar fields.

Would there be a way to do in the current version of Gmsh?

Thank you,
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