[Gmsh] ASCII mesh format

Yoann LE BARS yoann at le-bars.net
Fri Apr 13 11:48:03 CEST 2018

Hello everybody out there!

    After further investigations, it turns out that tools from SLIM are
producing files on MSH format version 3, while WaveWatch 3 is using MSH
format version 2. I will probably modify WaveWatch 3 to make it accept
version 3 format, but before I need to convert files from version 3 to
version 2. Therefore, my questions are:

 1. Where can I find the description of MSH format version 3?
 2. Is there any script converting from version 3 to version 2?

    Anyway, I have started some code to convert files (code attached to
this message), but without version 3 description, I am a bit stuck.

    Best regards.

*Diaspora : ylebars at framasphere.org

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