[Gmsh] Increasing/Changing the number of cells

Matteo Dalla Vecchia matteo.dallavecchia at studenti.unitn.it
Thu Apr 26 13:04:46 CEST 2018

Here the file.msh

2018-04-26 13:00 GMT+02:00 Matteo Dalla Vecchia <
matteo.dallavecchia at studenti.unitn.it>:

> Dear to whom it may concerns,
> I'm currently trying to generate the mesh for a Membrane with GMSH
> programm and i would like to ask a few questions since i'm new to it.
> I attached the Mesh i generated so far, it's a Cylindrical Mesh (To
> represent a membrane 800 micrometers of diameters and 2 micrometers of
> thickness).
> It says on Statistical that there are no Nodes in the Volume.
> Now my point and question is:
> I would like to have two layer of elements inside the volume from the top
> to the bottom (Along z axis that is the one with 2 micrometer), e,g surface
> elements + 2 layer of elements inside the membrane + the bottome surface
> layer of elements. Is it possible to explicity say this to the program ?
> Second) I also would like to export the geometry to FeniCS, Does the mesh
> keep the same geometries once the file is transfered in XML file (The one
> for FeniCS).
> e.g. i used 400 of raidus will this radius be 400 without explicit unit
> measure also in FeniCS?
> Thank you for your patience,
> Matteo
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