[Gmsh] Identical points in triangulation

Demuth, Alexander alexander.demuth at ilt.fraunhofer.de
Thu Apr 26 16:21:00 CEST 2018

Hello everyone,

when I try to mesh my 2D geometry with Gmsh (Windows 7, Gmsh Version 3.0.6), the program crashes. When the resolution gets to high, I get the error

"Identical points in triangulation: increase element size or Mesh.RandomFactor
Unable to recover an edge ..."

On Linux (Gmsh Version 3.0.6), I get the warning

"not enough vertices  to split all internal edges
we lost ... Edges Sorry"

However, increasing the Mesh.RandomFactor does not help. As a result, complete surfaces are not meshed. Do you know how I can fix this problem?
Attached please find the example file, high_resolution.geo.

Another, related question: if I lower the resolution (such that I get no errors and warnings) and use Gmsh, I am not sure if the software works as I expect.
Using the GUI, after meshing, the surface edges which form the grid are visible. If I save the .msh file and then open it again, it seems as if there are no surface edges anymore (at some or at all surfaces). The vertices are also just on the surface boundaries.
Correspondingly, the displayed number of vertices/ elements is much lower, because apparently, most of them are missing.
This is the same behaviour as in the first case, as complete surfaces are not meshed. But during meshing, no errors or warnings are displayed and, in the GUI, no problems are visible until reloading the .msh file.
So, probably, this is basically the same problem.
Attached please find the example file, low_resolution_fast.geo.

Thank you in advance,
best regards,
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