[Gmsh] About meshing quality of surface in 3D

蔣承佑 f01525007 at ntu.edu.tw
Mon May 14 14:52:20 CEST 2018


I got a problem about meshing, and the attached file is my geometry.

Due to different scale in different volume,

there are some poor quality element at connecting region during meshing.

I already tried Characteristic Length to deal with this, but it seems not very smooth.

( For example, connecting part between volume 4 and 6 around y=0 ).

Is there any way to optimize it or how to control the surface meshing quality in 3D ?

Chiang Chen-Yu
Dual degree student between
NTU ( National Taiwan University ) &
UPMC ( Université Pierre et Marie CURIE )

Email :
f01525007 at ntu.edu.tw<mailto:f01525007 at ntu.edu.tw>
chiang at ljll.math.upmc.fr
john1990724 at gmail.com<mailto:john1990724 at gmail.com>

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