[Gmsh] Use of Gmsh to generate 3D structured meshes of airplanes

alessandro silveira ales_davi at yahoo.com.br
Mon May 21 20:39:01 CEST 2018

Hi!My name is Alessandro Davi, I'm talking from Brazil. 

I'm involved in building a computational framework for aircraft design here at the university ITA (Aeronautical Technical Institute). Basically, we are in search of a free program capable of generating structured meshes of complete airplane configurations (3D - watertight). The mesh must be quadrilateral structured because this format is the standard for the aerodynamic code (Panair).
The meshing routine should read a point cloud (CAD output) and generate a file with the structured mesh, so I can use it to build the input card to the aero code.

Can the Gmsh do that?If yes, please inform the conditions for us to use your program.If no, could you tell if you know any program that might fit our needs?
The framework is linux based and we are integrating only free software. 

Thanks in advance for your time,Alessandro
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