[Gmsh] Use physical Groups after boolean operations

Leonardo Roncetti leonardo at techcon.eng.br
Mon May 28 14:27:44 CEST 2018

I am doing all the geometry by programming and using GUI only to see
results. Suppose that I create 2 surfaces that intersect each other. I
define a physical group "vertical" for surface {1} and "horizontal" for
surface {2}. As they intersect each other, I use "Coherence" or Boolean
operation to remove duplicate areas. But when I do this I lose the
references of original surfaces, because I have now 3 surfaces and not
necessary surface "horizontal" is {1}. Actually, I have hundred of surfaces
and cannot do it "by hand".

In suma: How can define physical groups than use coherence and keep the
defined physical groups?    


Best Regards,



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