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Константин Лимарев izendar3 at mail.ru
Fri Jun 8 10:09:16 CEST 2018


I'm doing meshing of STRAW tube and then use this mesh in ElmerFEM.
Gas area of my tube is too big (r_wire = 0.015mm, r_tube = 5mm, l_tube is so minimal as possible), so I use transfinite algorithm.
gmsh's mesh is very well, but when i'm importing this mesh to ElmerFEM, ElmerFEM doesn't read all surfaces properly.
For my opinion, it occurs because of using transfinite surfaces and volumes.
But without transfinite algorithm gmsh meshing takes a while.
Without transfinite algorithm ElmerFEM reads well.
Are there another possibilities to create structured mesh?
I realize that you are gmsh support, not Elmer, but if you could help something, I will be grateful.
I could not contact with Elmer support for now, because there are some problems with registration on their support forum.

С уважением,
Константин Лимарев
izendar3 at mail.ru
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